Groundbreaking Solution for Plastic Disposal

In the ever-evolving landscape of waste management, landfill reclamation has become a paramount concern. Despite nationwide efforts to remediate old dumpsites, the challenge of disposing of recovered plastics remains a formidable obstacle. These plastics, degraded by prolonged exposure to sun and water, pose a unique challenge for recycling. Cities grapple with the overwhelming volume of approximately 1.5 lakh cu. m. of plastic generated from 10 lakh cu. m. of old waste, further complicated by short project durations and stringent government regulations on plastic incineration.

Breaking Ground with Coated Grit Technology:

In response to these challenges, we propose a groundbreaking technology that revolutionizes plastic disposal. Maan Enviro Technologies innovative approach involves coating stone grit with plastic, offering a comprehensive solution. This process not only significantly reduces plastic volume but also opens avenues for versatile applications in road construction, filling low-lying areas, and even block production, minimizing the reliance on cement. Coated grits also prove invaluable in land recovery along river banks and contribute to decorative stone pitching in landscaping projects.

The Process:

Our process begins with the precise segregation of dumpyard materials into specific fractions. Plastics undergo liquification, transforming them into a liquid state, while the grit undergoes de-silting to remove adhering soil. The uniform-sized grit is then meticulously mixed with liquefied plastic, with the resulting material transferred to a cooling drum for solidification. The cooled material is now ready for stacking and utilization in various applications.

Investment and Power Considerations:

Effective implementation requires specialized equipment, including a plastic liquefier, grit desilting unit, mixer unit, cooler unit, and intermediate conveyors. While the initial investment for a hypothetical 5-ton plastic per day project is approximately 45 Lakhs, scalability reduces costs. The estimated power consumption for this eco-friendly process is around 40 HP.

By adopting this innovative approach to landfill reclamation and plastic disposal, your business can make substantial contributions to waste management, environmental sustainability, and tap into new opportunities within the industry. Together, let’s pave the way for a greener, more sustainable future. Let’s embrace innovation, embrace sustainability!