Mr. Manish Goyal CEO of Maan Enviro Technologies

Mr. Manish Goyal

Founder & CEO

About our founder and CEO

Mr. Manish Goyal, is a visionary leader with over three decades of expertise in the waste management industry. Serving as the co-founder and MD at Hydromech Technology, a prominent name in the field, Mr. Manish’s commitment to innovation drove him to establish Maan Enviro Technologies (MET). With an unwavering passion, extensive experience, and dynamic leadership, Mr. Manish has propelled MET to introduce groundbreaking innovations, including fully mobile systems and cutting-edge technological solutions, revolutionizing the landscape of waste management. Under his guidance, MET continues to be a driving force in shaping the future of sustainable waste solutions.

Meet Our Team

Mr. Anil Sharma Head of Design & Development at Maan Enviro Technologies

Head of Design & Development
Mr. Anil Sharma

An engineering graduate from IIT Roorkee, Mr. Anil channels his passion for innovation and research into his role at MET. With a background enriched by diverse experiences, his commitment to excellence drives the company's pursuit of cutting-edge solutions in the waste management industry.

Mr. Tanay Goyal Operations Head at Maan Enviro Technologies

Head of Operations
Mr. Tanay Goyal

Our Operations Head, Mr. Tanay brings a robust technical background as a production engineer from SGSITS, complemented by a master's degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from Esade. His meticulous attention to detail plays a pivotal role in ensuring the operational efficiency of MET.

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Shaping Tomorrow, Sustainably: Leading the charge towards a greener future through innovative waste solutions, renewable energy, and a steadfast commitment to the circular economy, where waste becomes a resource in a continuous cycle of sustainability.

Achieving Goal


To be at the forefront of innovative waste solutions in the country, and create long lasting client relationships.



  • Quality
  • Customer Service
  • Team Work
  • Ethics

Our legacy is marked by impactful collaborations, including our promoter’s membership in the Task Force Technical subgroup formed by the Honourable Supreme Court of India. We have executed MSW Composting and RDF plants in various government sectors, partnering with entities such as Nashik Municipal Corporation, MP Agro, Latur Municipal Council, BBMP, Hubli Dharwad, and more.

In the private sector, we take pride in our concept-to-commissioning projects with industry leaders like Ramky (Re Sustainability), IL & FS, Detox Group, Bharuch Enviro, Mailhem Ikos Group, and many more. Our influence extends beyond borders, as we have designed waste processing plants exported to Paraguay, USA, Indonesia, among others, showcasing our commitment to global sustainability.

Our goal is to be on the forefront of innovation, where expertise meets dedication, to create a cleaner, greener world.

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Power Station Projects: Excellence in Waste Management Solutions at Maan Enviro Technologies

Capabilities & Infrastructure

Spanning over 70,000 sq ft., our workshop stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence in waste management solutions. Housing the latest machining and manufacturing facilities, we ensure precision and innovation in every project. Our fully equipped factory boasts in-house design capabilities, allowing us to create tailored solutions for diverse waste management challenges. To guarantee the highest standards, we have a dedicated quality control department, ensuring that each component and system meets our stringent criteria. At MET, our expansive workshop infrastructure is the bedrock of our ability to design, manufacture, and deliver cutting-edge waste management solutions with efficiency and precision.

Facility Spread Over
70,000 sq ft

Fully Equipped Machining and Manufacturing Facility

Latest in-house  Designing Facility

Dedicated Quality Control Department