Why MRFs are a way into the future of MSW management.

Material Recovery Facilities (MRF) use advanced technology along with manual labor to sort, process, and recycle various types of waste materials such as paper, plastics, glass, and metal. MRF plants are an energy efficient and waste versatile option for waste management.

In comparison to composting, which only caters to wet waste, and incineration which only handles combustibles, MRF has become a clear winner owing to its efficiency in sorting the materials on the first day of operation. Unlike other waste management solutions, MRF ensures there is no cross- contamination of wet and dry waste, and recovery of recyclables is done to the maximum capacity. This also increases the utility of MRF plants for various industries. 

Continuous R&D in the field of MRF has led to increasing efficiency, reduction in environmental footprint, and improvement in resource recovery. Lastly, no solution to MSW management is full proof, each has certain pros and cons, hence the best solution may be a combination of various solutions depending on the needs of a particular community or organization. 

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